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İndas Group

Our first company İndas Automation was established in 2004 and started to provide services on Industrial PLC and SCADA based systems. In addition to automation, the company started PLC and MCC Panel Manufacturing by including the manufacturing team in its structure in 2006 and realised its first export this year. In 2014, the sales company Insens Automation was established and industrial equipment sales started. In 2017, R&D Software company İndas Technology was established in Manisa CBÜ Teknokent and started to develop web/mobile based special software on digitalisation. In 2019, international projects were increased with Indas Libya Branch. In 2021, İndas Electromechanic was established in the scope of electricity and turnkey facility solutions.

With all its subcontractors mentioned above, İndas Group has started to provide Turn-Key facility solutions as a group of companies in the scope of MV Systems, MCC / PLC Panel Manufacturing, Site Assembly and supervision.



We want to advance science, R&D and industry with automation, technology and engineering solutions, create high value-added systems in our country and abrord and offer internships, training programs and employment studies for highly qualified young people who want to take part in the sector.


With its great experience gained in different sectors, commanding of all PLC and SCADA softwares, as well as its knowledge in all fields such as process, mechanical, electrical, electronic, communication, data processing and integration, İndas Group provides quality and touble-free systems to the customers.



In our 5-year goals; To establish a worldwide turnkey factory as Indas Group by establishing a global company abroad. To become a globally recognized company in the field of Cement and Chemistry. To work on carbon footprint and water footprint within the scope of Green Energy and to provide global solutions.

Group Companies

Project Management
Turnkey Solutions

PLC & SCADA Software
ERP Integration
R&D Software
Data Collection and Artificial Intelligence

MV Energy Systems
Electric Project Drawing
Panel Manufacturing (ADP, MCC, PLC)
Field Electricity Installation

Libya Branch Office
Al Ahlia Cement Partner
Automation Solution Partner
Turnkey Solutions