EBIS Integration

With the Electronic Concrete Monitoring System (EBIS), we bring all your concrete batching plants tother to one single digitalization platform.


Flexible and User-Friendly Interface
  • Possibility of integration into different concrete programs
  • Flexible interface options that customize and streamline your workflows

Perfect Concrete Management, QR Code Delivery Note Printing on a Single Platform

  • Easy and fast delivery note printing with QR code in accordance with the regulations
  • Reliable documents in digital and on paper

Automatic e-Delivery Note Sending

  • Seamless integration with leading integrators such as e-Finans, EDM and Trex
  • Automatic and fast e-delivery note submission, make manual processes a thing of the past

Special Delivery Note and e-Delivery Note Design for Your Company

  •  Customized delivery note and e-delivery note designs that reflect your company’s brand
  • Take your company one step forward with professional and impressive document designs!


  • Productivity

Save time and costs by reducing manual operations.

  • Reliability

Secure and verifiable documents that are 100% compliant with regulations.

  • Integration

Seamless integration with different systems and flexible working opportunity.

  • Customize

Original design options tailored to the needs of your business.