Panel Manufacturing

Customized Panel Design and Project Planning

İndas Group offers expertise in the design and projecting of Distribution, MCC (Motor Control Center), PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and other special panels required especially for industrial facilities. Various panels such as required lighting, machine socket combinations and local safety panels are designed in detail in accordance with the standards.

Expert Assembly and Quality Manufacturing

During the panel manufacturing process, high quality assemblies are carried out by our experienced team. Each switchboard is manufactured and assembled to the highest standards in terms of both functionality and safety.

Comprehensive Testing and Commissioning Procedures

Each panel produced is subjected to extensive testing after being assembled on-site. These tests ensure smooth commissioning and operational safety of the panels.

Approach Focusing on Customer Needs

We prioritize our customers’ needs and expectations in every project. This ensures that each panel fabrication is tailored to the customer’s specific requirements.

Reliable and Continuous Support

We provide continuous support and consultancy to our customers at every stage of the panel manufacturing process. This approach ensures that every step of the project is completed successfully and customer satisfaction is at the highest level.