Personnel Attendance Tracking System (PATS) is a comprehensive solution designed for companies and organizations to effectively manage personnel tracking. The system allows you to manage staff absences, shifts, leaves and much more with a user-friendly interface.

  • Basic Definitions

It offers the opportunity to save and update personnel and company information. You can define the basic information of your employeees, such as name, surname, ID number, date of birth, phone number and e-mail, into the system.

  • Company Descriptions

o You can create an organizational chart and manage units and subunits in detail.

o By creating work groups, you can determine daily working hours and holidays.

  • Personnel Transition Management

You can manually enter, correct and track the entry and exit movements of employees.

  • Shift Definitions

You can easily manage staff working hours by defining different shift intervals.

  • Permission Definitions

o You can define personnel leaves in detail and add information such as leave type, date and reason to the system.

o You can create public holiday transactions and annual leave reports.

  • Daily / Monthly Reports

You can analyze absenteeism and performance by creating detailed score sheets on a staff basis.

  • Device Descriptions

By defining different devices (PDKS, Open Meeting, Cafeteria, etc.), you can automatically collect and manage entry/exit data of your employees.


User-Friendly Interface

You can manage personnel without wasting time with an easy-to-use and understandable interface.

Flexible and Customizable

You can make customizations and add different modules and features according to the needs of your business.

Safe and Up to Date

PDKS is constantly updated to ensure your data security and to make system updates easily.

Control from Anywhere

Access your system from anywhere in the world thanks to the web-based platform.

Increase the efficiency of your business, simplify your personnel management and use your time more effectively with the Personnel Attendance Control System.