Animal Feed

As one of the first companies to automate animal feed facilities in Turkey, we install turnkey feed facilities with our experienced teams who are familiar with every process of the feed facility.

Fully integrated systems are installed from raw material purchasing to production software, recipe software to ERP integration. By integrating with veterinary software, feed prescription rates are automatically obtained.


Commissioned Facilities:

  • Cattle Feed Plant
  • Small Animal Feed Facility
  • Fish Feed Plant

Installed Feed Systems:

  • ERP Integration
  • Raw Material Silo Matching
  • Prescription Software
  • Production Process
  • Press
  • Mill
  • Packaging


Feed Industry Solutions:

  • MV Energy Systems (MV Relay, Transformer, Compensation)
  • Panel Manufacturing (MDP, MCC, PLC, RIO panels)
  • Electrical Project Drawings
  • Site Electromechanical Installation
  • Instrument Selection, Assembly and Calibration
  • ———————————————————
  • DCS System Solutions “Siemens PCS7 Solution Partner”
  • PLC and SCADA Software
  • Data Collection and Reporting Software
  • Energy Monitoring and Optimization Software
  • ERP Integration
  • ———————————————————
  • Project Management
  • Consulting and Engineering Services
  • Supervision and Commissioning