Site Installation

Professional, standard-compliant Assembly

Indas Group guarantees compliance with standards and superior quality in the assembly of all field equipment and auxiliary equipment. Field installations, which we carry out precisely according to the data specified in the projects and documents, are carried out meticulously by our experienced staff.

Experienced Team and Detail-Oriented Approach

Our experienced installation team understands the specific needs of each project and acts accordingly. Our attention to a detail and an expert approach, ensure that every installation process is completed successfully and efficiently.

Correct and Safe Installation of Equipment

During site assembly, we maximize operational safety and efficiency standards by ensuring that equipment is installed correctly and safely. In this process, full compliance with the specifications of the equipment specified in the project and documents is ensured.

Timely and Effective Assembly Processes

We carry out the assembly processes in a timely and effective manner by strictly adhering to the timelines of your projects. This approach positively impacts the overall schedule and efficiency of your project.

Constant Communication and Transparent Reporting

We stay in constant communication with our customers and provide transparent reporting at every stage of the assembly process. This gives our customers full insight into the status of their project and builds trust.