Industrial Data Management

Data Management In Modern Manufacturing Processes

Modern manufacturing processes produce valuable information that can provide organizations with significant competitive advantages and lead to smarter business decisions. Indas Group is an expert in collecting, processing and making available this enormous volume of data. We help our customers improve their business processes by effectively managing their data.

Technical Integration and Data Collection
  • IoT Sensor Integration: Data collection through smart devices and sensors.
  • Line HMI and PLC Integration: Integration with human-machine interfaces and programmable logic controllers on production lines.
  • RTU and SCADA Systems: Data management with remote terminal units and supervisor control and data acquisition systems.
  • RFID Barcode and Robot Integration: Integrations that increase efficiency and tracking in production processes.
  • CNC and Other Machinery Integration: Critical production machine integrations for seamless data flow and efficiency.
  • Overcoming Challenges: Existing and New Equipment Integration.

Challenges encountered when collecting production data often relate to the integration of old and new equipment. Indas Group has deep experience in integrating old equipment into modern data acquisition systems. In this process, we enable our customers to make smarter and data-oriented decisions by managing technological adaptations and creating an efficient communication bridge between equipment.

Increasing Value: Intelligent Data-Driven Decision Making

Data management and analysis is a critical element to drive real value growth for your organization and enable you to make smarter business decisions. As Indas Group, we provide the necessary tools and expertise to support data-driven decision making.