Agriculture/ Seed

The first fully automatic Corn Drying System in the field of Agriculture in Turkey was commissioned by Indas.

Automation starts with the dumping of corn from the truck. Sorting and conveyor transfer lines, drying rooms, all doors, windows and covers have been automated. The covers of the room where the corn will be taken are automatically opened, and the goods are automatically received with the transfer line and moving vehicle.

Installed System Structure:

  • ERP Integration
  • Drying Software
  • Moisture Analysis Software
  • Harvest Planning Software
  • Production Process Automation System
  • Transfer and Packaging Lines

Agriculture Sector Solutions:

  • MV Energy Systems (MV Relay, Transformer, Compensation)
  • Panel Manufacturing (MDP, MCC, PLC, RIO panels)
  • Electrical Project Drawings
  • Site Electromechanical Installation
  • Instrument Selection, Assembly and Calibration
  • ———————————————————
  • DCS System Solutions “Siemens PCS7 Solution Partner”
  • PLC and SCADA Software
  • Data Collection and Reporting Software
  • Energy Monitoring and Optimization Software
  • ERP Integration
  • ———————————————————
  • Project Management
  • Consulting and Engineering services
  • Supervision and Commissioning