Data Collecting

Data Collection Software

Our unique data collection software architecture, developed within the scope of the TUBITAK project, has the ability to collect data from various brands and models of PLC/CNC without the need for OPC. This innovative approach offers our customers a flexible and comprehensive data collection solution.

All-In-One Platform Integration

Software developed by our company’s software team, enables the transmission of collected data to various software platforms such as ERP, SAP, databases and REST. This all in one integration capability provides our customers with great flexibility and compatibility in data management.

Solutions for Time-Critical Data

Our expert automation team develops additional software when necessary to collect time-critical data, thus ensuring precise and consistent data collection. These custom solutions enable our customers to meet even their most demanding data collection needs.

Solutions in Data Management

As İndas Group, we offer pioneering, innovative and reliable solutions in data collection and management. By helping our customers optimize their data collection processes, we enable them to make more informed and efficient business decisions.